Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple, learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.

- John Steinbeck
Creative Thinking is redDog

Creative Gathering
Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can lead you down many paths, it allows you to explore the essence of “out of the box” thinking. Gathering knowledge allows you to expand and further develop your creative thinking and enhance your processes and strategies.
This isn’t about selling you anything or preaching a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s about learning as we go, sharing what we find that is interesting, relevant, or pretty darn funny. Functionally, this process is a healthy tool for SEO and helps us promote new thoughts or ideas that are hanging on the fringe and haven’t exploded into the mainstream market yet.

“What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

So, boom! There it is! So what are you doing with your content? Anything? Just laying it out flat on the ground and staring at it? Or you hoping to really share it with the world? How are you doing that?  Email us let us know

Marketing a business

Marketing a business - your unique point of view Let's say this is marketing a business 101. It is by no means an extensive list; we could talk marketing all day long, then turn off the lights and start chatting about it the next morning - which Christina...

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Small Business Marketing Ideas

A few small business marketing ideas are a powerful foundation tool and if used properly a business can see quick and lasting results. Note. any business will always have the best results when they follow an inbound marketing strategy Consider that imagery speaks to...

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Inbound Marketing – Attract!

 Inbound Marketing Services As a business owner, goal setter, rocket ship maker we all need to attract strangers to the thing we want them to buy. Otherwise, what would be the point? We would just be making items in our basement and giving them away as...

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Strategy it’s always about strategy

[1]Based on interviews with organisations that are investing in social media at varying levels, we learned that there are notable differences that exist between companies implementing a social media strategy and those that are building a social business. A social...

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Social Media Advertising – the real deal?

Social Media Advertising How private is your life? How private do you want it to be? Do you like to be sold too? Sure, we have noticed that as soon as we search for something on the internet the next time we are on our favourite social media network, we receive ads...

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Value.. Value… Value

Figure 1: Crowdsourcing (Source: Hinchcliffe, Dion n.d.) Crowdsourcing is deployed and sent out to the vast world with uncertainty. With the large group of people, anyone can provide input and it is a distributed network of contributors. A company may broadcast a...

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Please read me NOW. No, I mean RIGHT NOW.

Quick the Christmas clock is ticking! - Urgency Marketing Urgency marketing is all about getting us to buy now - no hesitation, it's limited, and it's only for you, kind of thing. With sweat streaming down your brow you realize you may get to the shop and the...

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Mindset the Destruction of a Business

  The Power of Mindset   When I was twelve I borrowed a dog book from the small local library. On each page, there was a different dog and description of the size and temperament of the breed. It was a smallish perfect book about 9" by 5", or 22cm by 12cm if your...

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Bloody Passwords

Password Hell In 2014, five million Gmail passwords were hacked and released online! Let's talk about Letmein, I have used this password hundreds of times (if not thousands) on client machines (not my own!). Using variations of Letmein2, Letmein to letmein, well now...

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Return on Investment (ROI) [1]“Social media measurement is like driving a modern car. You may have a dashboard with all the lights, toggles, gauges, and metrics, but remember, the most important piece of data to have in front of you is the GPS screen. The GPS screen...

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Are you focusing on the right thing at the right time?

Business Focus and Marketing Success  I often see businesses jumping from one solution to another solution – even without finishing the first, with no business focus and therefore no marketing success.  I see them wasting time and energy on the next snake oil salesmen...

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It’s all in the eye

Graphic Designers see with a different eye Great design is good business. Average design is not good enough if you want your business to move forward. A good designer will take on the challenge and interpret your message into a unique and compelling design (not found...

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Do you feel you need one?

Marketing & Media - Do you need a wake up call? What would your wake up call look like? The one that tells you that your business is failing or that the competition is eating up your customers? What would you do to turn your business around? What are you doing wrong...

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Wake up Ready

Social Media Marketing - are you ready? Preparing for the day starts always with the night before. Sleep!! Social media marketing needs to be planned, executed properly, be current and constantly measured - its important to be on top of your game for it. With social...

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Coca Cola, Social Business?

  Social Business Figure 1. Coca-Cola (Source: Coca-Cola n.d.) Top of their game Multinational company with thousands of brands under their belt. A hub and spoke model they are both market leaders in the beverage category as well with social media. Fluently...

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How, Why and Where.

Social Media Explained Figure 1: Social media in donuts (Source: unknown n.d.) Is it as simple as this? It's a great explanation of the different social media services, simply put social media explained. For social media marketing, you have to technically be able to...

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Going Online

Communities of Practice   Communities of practice (CoPs) have three characteristics: The domain: interest, commitment and shared competences, learn from each other The community: joint actives, share, discuss, learn, each has standing in the group The practice:...

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