Looking for business marketing ideas here are 10 to start with !

Walk don’t run, take each step and go back to #1 and set the goals for each step. You can do them in whatever order you like but always keep in mind #1. These business marketing ideas will work for your business if you continue with it.

1. Set – daily goals to move your business forward, don’t focus only on your clients work, a growing business is a healthy business.

2. Co-market – with non-competing businesses with similar customers. Think – Lewis Road and Whittaker’s chocolate they made a delicious chocolate milk together that helped one businesses move into a new market, and enhanced Lewis Road product line. Consider who your partner is and find some tips here.

3. Connect –  don’t forget that the reason you have a business is your clients, what do they need? Send weekly emails to clients and say hello!

4. Package – bundle services/products together to attract attention.

5. Review – promote yourself with customer reviews, the consumer is in control at all levels of the purchase journey, make sure new visitors see your positive reviews.

6. Focus –don’t try and be everything to everyone it will not work, only Santa Claus can pull that gig off, so concentrate on a niche and do that well. Here are another seven tips –  finding your niche

7. Powerful – take the powerful highway, word of mouth will get you there faster than any source (good and bad! – focus on the good, and measure the bad and adjust).

8. Offer –specials to your niche market, they will love it and you!

9. Refer – setup a referral program – they work, reread Tip 7, and Tip 5 and Tip 3 if you do not believe me. People are powerful and they are awesome.

10. Share – be open and available to share your company information; business cards, website details, social media etc. Don’t hold yourself back. Check out our home page – we share all our details there, and here, actually here too.