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If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.

- Guy Kawasaki

What do you need?

Here at redDog, we believe in combining creativity + technology to generate business growth for clients like you. Using our creative energy to help you develop your business further and faster than you could on your own is what genuinely gets our tails wagging. By harnessing the power of our online and offline specialist team, we increase your brand visibility, on and off the web. Together we plan, write, create, build and develop your dream.
We never forget the main objective – your business success that’s why we use inbound marketing it focuses on the complete package to success


What we do

Inbound Marketing and Strategy

redDog develops a multi-channel approach strategy (social media, SEO, blogs, website, PPC, keyword research, CRO, ebooks, and channel building). We bring potential leads and customers to you, converting and delighting them with your products and services.


Helping you tell your story, aid you in networking, assist with engaging with your customers, monitor and respond to customer service requests, manage your reputation on the web, develop leads to generate sales, and – through sharing content – help grow and establish your authority within your marketplace.

Brand Development

We provide perspective and clarity for your business, helping you focus your energy on what matters most.We assist you with building an on-point brand, developing your unique selling proposition, and harnessing the power of your customer.



Your website is an investment. It is often the first thing your potential customer sees. redDog knows how important it is not to chase people away with bad website design. Good design creates an intuitive user experience, guides visitors through the next steps on your site, and helps with optimization and SEO!

What is the most effective form of marketing?

  • Grow from Social Listening 86%
  • Encourage through Social Influencing 90%
  • Engage and interact through Social Networking 96%
  • Leverage from Social Selling 92%

Using inbound marketing strategies designed for long and short-term gain, redDog turns strangers into customers by generating demand for your products, services or expertise. Producing and distributing content that meets the needs of your customers at each stage of their buying journey is critical to the success of marketing. Educating your audience about your service or product builds trust and establishes a relationship. By distributing compelling content on social media channels, we help your business build rapport and engagement with potential customers quickly. At the same time, we invest in long-term gains by using effective SEO strategies, and powerful word of mouth and email campaigns.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing is defined as “the actions of a business related to promoting and selling products and services, including market research and advertising.” However, to be effective, marketing must be focused and creative. redDog generates excitement and passion for your business by planning innovative and cost-effective campaigns. Together, we develop a marketing campaign which delivers real value, using innovative solutions specific to your industry and business needs.

Sales today is less about:
Interrupting, pitching and closing
More about:
Listening diagnosing and prescribing- Mark Roberge


A happy customer is the best business strategy of all

We thought we could handle the marketing on our own.
What I found since hiring redDog is I am learning so much more than I thought possible. Everything is tirelessly explained to me and I feel supported throughout the process. Objectives were explained in a down to earth manner.

redDog has taken the time to understand DermaDNA. Setting goals, objective and accountability. I feel I have gained a friend and mentor – thank you!. I would definitely recommend redDog. Marketing goals and outcomes were explained and Christina worked tirelessly to ensure results are achieved. redDog is very results orientated with an amazing attention to detail. Christina has supported and encouraged, often taking time out of her busy day to explain project requirements.

Christina has advised, directed and worked tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome. Thank you for all your hard work. Your experience is invaluable.

Alison @ DermaDNA

The Founder, DermaDNA

I have no hesitation in recommending redDog

I have been impressed with marketing skills and her commitment to ongoing study. redDog is very conscientious, hardworking and client focused.

redDog is very creative with great analytical skills, creating and enlarging on ideas and concepts easily and quickly. I have never been disappointed with their ideas and overviews, advice or outcomes.

Innovative and often quirky input to my digital advertising catches the eye and provokes interest and comments.

Christina is pragmatic and professional, but her personality and great sense of humor makes working with her great fun

Karen @ ATP Therapy

Director / Owner, ATP Therapy

redDog is easy to recommend. Why?

Christina takes her time to really “get to know you”, looks beyond the “what’s happening here & now” & considers the bigger picture of your business. Mac/PC support, consultant, creator, designer, motivator, marketer, is a fraction of what Christina brings to her customers, she thinks outside the square. It matters to her what is happening in your business and you, that trait in business isn’t easy to find. She is consistent, reliable, trustworthy, innovative, thoughtful.

As a business I can often get bogged down in the “running, doing, hands on of my business” – I wish I had had a redDog from day one of my set-up, she has a gift that exceeds many in the industry.

I could say one thing to wrap up my recommendation – “nab redDog now don’t miss out on someone who can take you beyond what others offer

Dianne @ skinmatters

Director / Owner, skinmatters



Business & Marketing Strategist /
Chief Dog Walker


Graphic Designer / Creative Genius


Editor / Creative Content Creator

Fulfilling your clients' needs better than the competition  is at the heart of every successful marketing strategy

- redDog